Jane Baby Hair Bows Value Pack On Sale!

Baby hair bows on our tiny baby snap clip are unbeatable for little bits of fine hair. We are often asked what makes them work so well, and the answer is in our unique no-slip hair clips. Our baby clip is light weight, and tight, and perfect for those little wisps.

We have a great deal for a limited time. If you have never tried our bows before, this is the perfect opportunity! Our “Jane” baby hair bow pack combines style, functionality, and value. Each pack contains 4 colors, and there are four bow packs to choose from. Most of our baby hair bows are offered for $5-7, but this baby hair bow pack is currently offered at incredible savings! Four bows for $12.99, or $3.25 each. At this price, you can get all four packs, or 16 bows, for just over $50! Your little fine-haired princess would have a bow for every outfit! These baby bows make perfect shower gifts or baby gifts. As always, if you would like me to gift package it, just drop me a note in the special instructions box at checkout!


Exciting Store News: New, Lower Pricing for 2013!

At Bitty Bows Boutique, we have some exciting hair accessory news as we look towards the New Year. So exciting, I simply couldn’t wait to announce it and allow it to take effect. Beginning immediately, we have significantly reduced the price of many of our items. You will now find many baby bows for $4.99, all designer ribbon barrettes for $4.99, flower hair clips significantly dropped, competitively priced baby headbands, and beautiful big girl headbands. On average, our everyday prices dropped around 20%, with some items dropping by 30%! For example, our popular Emerson flower dropped $2.

We are striving to make our boutique quality items priced more closely to our competitors, without sacrificing any of the quality you have come to expect from Bitty Bows Boutique. We have taken great measures to allow this price drop, and we are hoping that our customers will help us maintain the lower price point. Here is where you come in! The most significant change we have made is that we are ending all “paid” advertising. With this in mind, we are hoping that our customers will be so thrilled with the new pricing (and our same great quality) that they can’t help but share our site and products with their friends.

For these lower prices to work, I am asking for a little help from my customers to help replace the traffic we previously received from “paid” advertising. Here are a few ways you can help.

1) Send me the name of mom-blogs, baby/child blogs you frequent. I am hoping to establish relationships with other online moms out there to offer reviews/giveaways.

2) Join Bitty Bows Boutique on Facebook. Then, make sure you take it a step further and sign up to “Get Notifications” so you don’t miss out on special giveaways and sales. (This is a new feature on FB. Sadly, if you don’t click it, you only have a teeny-tiny chance of having our giveaway posts appear in your news feed.) 

I have many giveaways and offers planned for the New Year that you won’t want to miss! If there is something you like, don’t be shy, “Like” it, give me a comment, participate! The more I input and participation I receive from my customers, the more I am encouraged to giveaway. : )

3) Tell your friends, or random strangers in the grocery line. Are you frequently being asked where you get your clips? I am always happy to send extra business cards with your order, so just let me know how many you would like.

4) Join us on Pinterest. I focus on fun ideas for babies, toddlers, and families. Of course, If there is something you like from my website, you would make my day if take a second to “Pin” it on your Pinterest favorites. This is a great way to share my products with your friends!

As the year ends, I am so appreciate for my wonderful customers. You have allowed my crafty hobby, that had its start in the boredom of pregnancy bedrest, to flourish into a great business! I can’t wait to see what 2013 brings!

Let me know what you think about this plan!



Top Ten SALE | Favorite Baby Toddler Hair Accessories

Baby Headband At Bitty Bows Boutique, we have been a little overdue with a sale, so this one is extra-special! I have put the top ten *customer favorite* hair accessories at Bitty Bows Boutique on sale! Included in these sale-priced items are my Myla glitter flower headband, multiple baby hair bows, our Molly and Chandra flower hair clips, our Jane baby hair bow pack, and our Maddie baby/toddler hair bow pack…plus a few more!! This is a great time to add to her current hair bow collection, to stock up on a few new spring flowers, or to buy a unique baby shower gift! As always, if you need help selecting the perfect little hair accessories, please contact me!

Too Little Hair for a Baby Hair Bow?

Our family recently celebrated the arrival of my sweet niece! I enjoy photography as a hobby, so when my sister asked me to take a few newborn pictures, I came equipped with a box of baby hair bows, along with my camera equipment.

When I pulled out the bows, my sister, ohhhhh my doubting sister, said, “I don’t think she has enough hair for a bow!”

At the news that her mommy didn’t think she had enough hair for a bow, my 6 day old niece experienced a mixture of strong emotions.

“I don’t have enough hair for a bow?! OH NO!”


"Who is responsible for this unfairness?!"

She was clearly distraught, and began begging.

"Please?! Can't somebody help me? I don't want to be called a cute little boy!!"

At this, I reassured her. “Don’t worry my sweet niece. Aunt Kelly will come to your rescue! I know your mommy may think you don’t have enough hair for a bow, but bald babies are my business specialty, and I have hundreds of hair accessories for newborn fine hair. I can put a bow in your hair just like I did your two big sisters…and thousands of other hair-challenged babies.”

She thought this was fabulous news!

We wasted no time accessorizing this little peanut.
As promised, my baby clip works beautifully on her tiny bit of fuzz.

She can sleep well knowing that she will not be called a little boy. (Notice she is sleeping without a bow, as we don't recommend leaving little ones unattended with any hair accessory.)


Sweet dreams little princess!

It may only look like peach fuzz, but I have yet to find a totally bald baby that I couldn’t clip a little bow in place. If you are new to Bitty Bows Boutique, I am not talking about the stick-on bows, glue, or headbands (although we offer those too). My baby clip is an actual clip, designed for the tiniest amount of fine hair. In fact, the balder the baby, the more impressive my baby hair clip becomes!! All it takes are a few tiny strands of hair, and she can wear a bow! If you have never shopped at Bitty Bows Boutique, check us out today!

A Hair Clip Surprise!

I LOVE surprises! I was wonderfully spoiled this morning at a (breakfast!) trip to Sprinkles Cupcakes, receiving four delicious surprise cupcakes. It was a fabulous start to my day! I decided to return the gesture, and offer my first 10 customers who request “Surprise Me” a surprise hair clip! It won’t be an edible cupcake, but you are sure to enjoy it regardless. Any purchase qualifies for the freebie! To receive your surprise, type “Surprise Me” in the special instructions box at checkout, and I will include a little extra with your order. This surprise hair accessory offer is good through this weekend, expiring after February 19, 2012.

Second Month in a Row, Flower Clips Recommended in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine

Featured as a P&N Magazine favorite two months in a row!

Featured as a P&N Magazine favorite two months in a row!

For the second month in a row, top-selling Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine featured our flower hair clips among their favorite selections, recommending them for baby fine, wispy hair.  This is particularly flattering because we did nothing to receive this recognition…the editors just stumbled across our website and love them as much as our customers do! We know you will too.

Styles that were featured were our Alyssa Felt Flower Clip and our Jamie Crocheted Flower Clip.

Hair Bows Matching Gymboree’s New Puppy School


Navy "Addelyn" style, a perfect match to Gymboree's Puppy School.

Navy "Addelyn" style, a perfect match to Gymboree's Puppy School.

Need a hair accessory to match Gymboree’s Puppy School line? You have come to the right place. With thousands of choices in hair accessory styles, you are certain to find several options for a good match, including hair bows, barrettes, and flower hair clips. Due to our extensive selections, we help narrow down the colors for each Gymboree line to make your shopping easier.

Following the named Gymboree line you will find a list of our matching colors. Most colors are offered in many different styles. Use these color names (such as Shocking Pink, Apple, etc) in the search box on our website (NOT our blog search box). Our website will search for these specific color names, and it will narrow down the hundreds of styles that are available in that specific color. Many older Gymboree and Janie and Jack lines can be found in our blog archives.

Puppy School Recommended Colors: Cranberry, Navy, Baby Pink or Lt Pink, Navajo Turquoise

Gymboree Spring Sparkle: Matching Baby Hair Bows, M2M

Morgan Flower Hair Clip

Morgan Flower Hair Clip: Custom options for a great match.

Need a hair accessory to match Gymboree’s Spring Sparkle Line? We’ll make it easy, while still giving you the flexibility to pick a style you love. Use any of the following color names in our website’s search box (NOT our blog search box), to narrow down good matches to this spring line.

Colors: Shocking Pink, Torrid Orange, Turquoise, Pink, Mint Ice or Light Blue, White.

Our Top Pick: We especially love the Morgan Flower in any combination of Shocking Pink, Mystic Blue, and Pink.

Do you find this helpful? If so, leave a comment for us! : )