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Baby, Toddler, Girl Hairstyle Ideas

Need a little inspiration for how to style your little one's locks? Below are some fun and easy ideas for keeping her hair out of her eyes.

No hair to style? We Accessorize Near-Baldies!

Whether she has peach fuzz or tiny sprouts of hair, everyone can still know she is a girl with hair accessories specifically designed for baldies! Our baby clip is amazing for fine hairs, and is available in countless styles. For bald babies, a few favorites are the Eleanor Bow, Amy Bow, Adelynn mid-sized Bow, Demi Flower Clip, and Kathryn Flower Hair Clip.

Wispy Baby Hairs

So she has a *little* hair to style, but not much? As her hair starts to fill in, it will likely be fine and wispy. For this hair type, our baby clip is the best choice for pulling wisps to the side and starting to give it a little direction. Let the accessorizing fun begin, because there are countless possibilities for this hair type. Fine and wispy hair is well suited to the bab clip. However, once her hair thickens and lengthens a bit she can move up to the Velvet Gator Clip (our favorite) or Toddler Clip. This is a very simple style, requiring just a few seconds and her hair is out of her face! Now is a great stage to introduce the Whimsical and Fun Clips, Baby Barrettes, as well as our popular Flower Clips.

Bean Sprout Baby

With just a few inches of hair on top, you can get this fun look for your little girl. Start with a tiny plastic rubberband (available at most drugstores) and secure it to the top of her head. This is easiest to do when slightly wet. Embellish the front of the rubberband with a bow or flower on a baby clip.
Recommended bows: Eleanor and Emma bows are great for this look.

Baby/Toddler Piggies

She doesn't need a lot of hair for these mini piggies, but they are so darn cute! If she has just a little hair, it is easiest to style if it is a little wet, using a fine toothed comb. Part the hair slightly on the side, and use tiny plastic rubberbands (available at most drugstores) to secure the pigtails. Accent while holding flyaways in place with a little baby clip barrette or flower clip. This is a great way to use her baby flower clips as she gets more hair! If she is bigger and has a little more hair, Toddler Clips and Velvet 'Gator clips work really well to hold flyaways too.
Recommend styles include: Mia, Sandra, Jaqueline, Taylor, Maya, Lilly, Gina, and Hailey. Smaller, flatter flowers and designer barrettes tend to give this style a great look.

Toddler Piggies/Knots

Styled the same as baby piggies, but larger flowers can be used. To get this look, first secure basic pigtails with tiny plastic rubberbands. Then take a pigtail and wrap it around itself, starting at the base and working to the tip. Wrap a second rubberband around it to hold the hairs in a knot. (If she has just a little hair, you can also just pull the hair partially through the rubberband, not all the way.) Don't worry if it gets a little messy and little hairs are sticking out of the knots, this is part of the look! Knotted piggies look beautiful adorned with silk flower pairs, as shown on the model! Flower Recommendations: Silk Hydrangea Flower Clip (in over 14 colors)

Basic Toddler Sweep Away

Easy for everyday wear, classic, and it keeps her hair out of her eyes. This is a great alternative to cutting bangs. As her hair thickens, get this look by using our 50mm French Clip, which holds a lot of hair by itself. You can also use a rubberband with a Toddler Clip snapped over the rubberband. Recommended hair bows include Callie and Adelynn. Animal and Strawberry Clips are a favorite of the bigger girls too, and can be done on a french clip. These fun clips are offered in dogs, bears, rabbits, butterflies, and more. If she has not allowed you to put a bow in her hair, maybe you should try her favorite animal!
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