Bitty Bows No Slip baby and toddler hair bows

Baby Clip

A bow where no bow has gone before. Your little lady doesn't need a lot of hair in order to wear our styles!

The design of our tiny metal baby clip allows for a tight grasp on the smallest amount of infant hair. It can even dangle from a single strand! If your baby girl has never been able to wear a bow before, this is the clip to try! It stays in beautifully without slipping in all types of fine baby hair. Peach fuzz or fine wispy hair, this clip doesn't budge. An added bonus is the clip is so lightweight, she most likely won't even know it is there!

The unique design can be worn with any of our dozens of styles of baby bows, or our selection of flowers, fun clips, etc. We have something for everyone! Let her personality shine!

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