Claudette. Dressy Flower Crochet Hat.

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Claudette. Dressy Flower Crochet Hat.

This floral hat is incredibly stunning! Just as important, it is soft and comfortable. Our stretchy, high quality crocheted hat is adorned with a beautifully layered, sequined flower. You will adore this eye-catching hat! The flower is permanently attached to a matching, top-quality crocheted hat.Size: This hat is available in two sizes. Our small size is great for infant through 3-4 months. Our medium size will be generous on infants, but will stay in place and give her room to grow. It will stretch to fit up to 4+ years. (Many average-head six year olds can still wear the medium!) We searched to find the most comfortable, stretchy cotton available. Many crochet hat companies use a band or ribbon at the base, that constricts and prevents adequate stretching...not ours. It is super-stretchy, top quality, and ultra-comfortable!