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BABY HAIR BOWS - Itty Bitty and Ohh So Pretty!

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Winter Plaid Toddler Barrette No Slip Hair Clip Clippie to hold the bangs back

Toddler Barrettes

The secret beauty of our barrettes

She won't pull it out, if she forgets it's there....

These little hair clippies are the perfect option for girls who grab at their bows or headbands, but need help keeping their hair out of those pretty eyes!! Also perfect for pairing with precious pigtails. Lightweight, simple, and most of all CUTE! 

Baby Barrettes

And even more sweetness...


Fun Hair Clips to make her smile! Hearts, Minnie Mouse, Turtles, and more




We carry no-slip baby hair clips, barrettes for fine hair and thick, newborn headbands, toddler headbands, and fun clips for every holiday and occasion. Whether you are shopping for baby girl hair bows, toddler hair bows, or big hair bows for girls, we have thousands of style and color combinations to give you endless possibilities. Baby hair bows have never been so fun!
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