Clip Types

Hair Clip Types

Which clip is right for your princess?

We have 4 hair clip options, each one uniquely designed for various amounts of fine hair. We are confident that our clips will work much better than traditional clips found at the store, and even others found in boutiques. After all, fine hair is our specialty!

Bitty Clip

Recommended hair type: Fuzz through short, fine, wispy hair

Size: Clip measures 1 1/4" long, 3/8" wide.

Detailed Description: Our tiny metal bitty clip is a unique design, and has a tight hold for the tiniest amount of short, sparse, and infant fine hair. Near-baldies™ can wear this clip! If she has never been able to wear a bow before, this is the clip to try! This clip is not just for peach fuzz. Short, baby fine hair works beautifully with this clip at various lengths, especially if it is wispy. It is very lightweight, so she likely won't even notice it on her head. This clip is small, so it does not hold a lot of hair, or heavy bangs. As she gets older and her hair thickens, this clip can also be used over a rubberband. This is also a super-cute clip to tame fly-aways from pigtails or a ponytail.

Velvet Gator

Recommended hair type: Fine hair or soft baby bangs

Size: Clip measures 1 1/2" long, 3/8" wide.

Detailed Description: This clip is fully lined (top and bottom prong), with top quality, special ordered velvet ribbon. The velvet ribbon makes an exceptional difference in how well this clip holds. These are NOT comparable to other ribbon lined alligator clips you may have tried - they work so much better! The velvet fills the gaps of the alligator clip, causing great friction and a super-tight hold. If she has around 1 1/2" or more of fine hair, this is our favorite option. This truly is a versatile clip for many lengths of fine hair.

Snap Clip

Recommended hair type: Minimum 2 inches of fine hair

Size: Clip measures 1 1/2" long, 5/8" wide.

Detailed Description: This is a larger version of our bitty clip, designed for 2 inches of hair or more. It is light weight with a solid snap, and great for fine hair. This medium sized snap clip is fully lined for exceptional hold of those longer wisps. It also works beautifully clipped over a rubberband. This clip holds more hair than our bitty clip, and is versatile as her hair starts to thicken.

French Clip

Recommended hair type: Thicker amounts of big girl hair

Size: Clip measures 50mm long, 3/8" wide

Detailed Description: Our French Clip is actually made in France. There is a tremendous difference in quality between French "style" clips, and real French clips. Real French clips are 10x more expensive than their imitations, but this quality is very important to us. Real French clips are much sturdier, and are made to last. (French style clips that are not actually French made often work fine in the beginning, but stop clasping shut after minimal use and are not fixable. Real French clips do not fall apart like this. Make sure it says "Made in France", like ours do.)

Please note: Unless otherwise noted, all items are pictured on our bitty clip, which is the smallest of our clips. Styles with the other clips may show more of the matching ribbon-lined clip, depending on the size of the flower/bow.