Bitty Clips

where NO BOW
has gone before!

Your little lady doesn't need a lot of hair to wear our styles!

Our bitty clip is the saving grace for those babies who are hair-bow-challenged!

Hair Bow Woe #1
She’s BALD

The design of our tiny metal bitty clip allows for a tight grasp on the smallest amount of infant hair. It can even dangle from a single strand! If your baby girl has never been able to wear a bow before, this is the clip to try! We’ll be your near-baldies new best friend.

Hair Bow Woe #2
She won’t leave anything in

She says yes to the dress but NO to the BOW. Baby bows on our bitty clip hold remarkably well in fine hair and on wispy fly-aways, so light she won't even notice she's wearing them. If she does find them and pulls them out, they’re uniquely designed so she won’t pull out her hair in the process.

Hair Bow Woe #3
Every other hair clip slides out

Once you try our bitty clip, you’ll find headbands that hurt aren’t the only option. Our lightweight baby hair clip stays in beautifully without slipping in all types of fine baby hair. Peach fuzz or fine wispy hair, this clip doesn't budge. The tiny metal clip is manufactured exclusively for Bitty Bows, there's truly nothing else like it!

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