Sally. Big Daisy Flower Skinny Headbands.

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Sally. Big Daisy Flower Skinny Headbands.

Layers and layers of petals, for a large, stunning flower hair clip. Attached to our comfortable skinny elastic headband. Absolutely eye catching! This same flower is available as a Daisy Flower Hair Clip, if you do not want it attached to a headband.

Size: Flower measures approximately 4".

About our Skinny Headbands Headbands are not just for babies! Our skinny headbands are made of 1/8" wide, super-stretchy elastic. Our 6 month+ size is 17" in circumference, and will fit older babies, toddlers, and it is stretchy enough it will even fit teens and adults! For younger infants, you can also make a small knot at the base of the elastic, to fit smaller heads, unknotting it as the baby grows. These are comfortable to wear, and will not leave indentions on your little one's head. They can be worn alone, and are also adorable on older girls when added to a ponytail or pigtails. Endless possibilities!

 Shipping Information: Our processing is FAST and shipping is cheap. Details at Skinny Headband Shipping Details.