Toddler Barrette Pretty Princess Plaid

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  • Adorable plaid print with several of your favorite colors on a no-slip toddler clip








Barrette Pattern: Adorable plaid print with several of your favorite colors. You'll see tropical lilac, fantasy rose, delphinium, turquoise, navajo, pink, white, and royal. 

Toddler barrettes are the perfect hair accessory for pulling away 2 or more inches of fine hair. When you don't want a bow, but you prefer a simple, chic look for her wisps, these no-slip designer barrettes are great.

The professional grade snap clip, along with its unique and full lining, gives these clips an exceptional hold for medium amounts of fine hair. They are also functional for adorning pigtails or a ponytail, holding the flyaway wisps out of her eyes while giving a little hair decoration.

Size: Approximately 1 1/2" long, 5/8" wide.