Large Pumpkin Crocheted Hair Clippies

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Large Pumpkin Crocheted Hair Clippies

Fall and Halloween are not complete without this pumpkin! This perfect pumpkin is hand crocheted with amazing attention to detail. This baby or toddler hair clip is complete with intricate detailing. Choose from a simple pumpkin or a happy face pumpkin.

Size: Pumpkin hair clip measures approximately 2" across.

Hair Clip Options: We specialize in no slip hair clips for fine hair! We offer several No-Slip Clip Options, and many styles allow you to pick your clip, so you can customize it for your little one's hair type/amount. Our bitty clip is very light-weight, and AMAZING for wispy, fine hair/fuzz. If you have never been able to find a clip that stays in, check out the gallery of pictures of happy customers wearing our bitty clips.  It can dangle from just a single strand of hair! Our larger clips hold superbly in fine or thick hair. They are great for baby girls with 1" or more hair, active toddlers and little girls. If you have never used our clips before, check out our Hair Clip Types page for pictures and details about each clip option.

Shipping Information: Our processing is FAST and shipping is cheap. Details at Pumpkin Hair Clip Shipping Details.